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Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Education Resources

If you’ve never bought a house before, Minnesota is the rare state that actually works toward educating first time home buyers so that they can answer the following two important questions.

  1. What is your actual financial situation?
  2. Do you have the income/money needed to truly afford that home which you think you’d like?

first_time_home_buyer_help_minnesotaMinnesota helps first time home buyers answer those questions and others through the “Home Stretch” workshops offered throughout the state. Designed to help people understand the process of buying a home, from start-to-finish, Home Stretch is a helpful workshop that lasts anywhere from 8 hours to 2-3 days, with a “certificate of completion” given at the end.

The Home Stretch workshop helps people understand how credit works, and how credit affects the costs of home ownership. In addition, the workshop helps you decide what type of mortgage is best for you, as well as understand the loan closing process.

What type of home is the right fit for you and your situation? Are there special programs available for first time home buyers? These questions, and others, are answered in the Home Stretch workshop. Objective, practical information for first time home buyers in Minnesota is available—take full advantage of the Home Stretch workshop.