MN Housing Finance Agency

mn_housing_finance_agencyIn Minnesota, the MN Housing Finance Agency is involved in increasing the housing inventory around the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area in order to accommodate a growing market of people looking to buy homes in a thriving region.

In June 2014, for instance, there were more homes for sale in the region than the same month the year prior. The good news is that this has been true for several months in a row—the housing inventory is rising to meet demand.

In Minnesota, there are typically between 8,000 and 18,000 homes for sale at any given time. MN Housing Finance Agency exists to work with people who want to buy a Minnesota home but may not have the knowledge or money to complete the complicated process and easily get into a decent home.

MN Housing Finance Agency helps thousands of families move into new homes. With down payment assistance and successful loan closings, the mortgage loan help provided by a caring agency has proven to be invaluable to many Minnesotans who want a nice place to live.

There are all sorts of homes for sale. MN Housing Finance Agency helps people purchase investment properties, build their new dream home, rehab and repair, and restructure existing debt with refinance transactions.

Now’s a good time to buy a home in Minnesota because there are more homes and housing options to choose from than in previous years. Did you know the median price for a home purchase in MN is about $220,000 these days? Keep in mind there are affordable options well below that price, as well as certain homes that cost more, but give you “a lot of bang for your buck.”

With fewer foreclosure sales and overall gains in inventory, price growth is moderate, so now’s a good time to buy as home values seem to be on the upswing.

If you’re thinking of buying a home and need some assistance to make it happen, call our team at 651-209-2900 to see what help is available.