Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

MN Housing Finance Agency

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency plans to invest almost $800 million this year to help low and moderate-income Minnesotans afford housing. The agency has key priorities, which include preserving federally-subsidized rental housing, addressing critical needs in rental housing markets, preventing homelessness and foreclosures, and promoting home ownership.

Affordable housing in Minnesota is available to first time home buyers and others. Minnesota Housing is involved in financing and long term asset management regarding rental housing in the state. Building stronger communities, Minnesota Housing also works to help people buy and fix up their homes. For more than 40 years, Minnesota Housing has helped people find, buy/rent, and maintain affordable housing, and shows no signs of slowing down in 2014.

When someone plans to buy a house in Minnesota, they often need some form of financial assistance to make it happen. That’s where Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and others, such as Lake Area Mortgage, a Division of Lake Area Bank, come in.

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency offers several housing loan products to help with the associated costs of buying and improving a home, and Lake Area Mortgage is a team of experienced people who help Minnesotans figure out how they can benefit from a myriad of options when it comes to mortgage loans available through the agency.

Most people do not pay cash-in-full for their house. Most people take out a mortgage and/or get some financial assistance because purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest purchases.

The Mortgage Division Team at Lake Area Mortgage, a Division of Lake Area Bank can help you with your housing wants and needs; call 651-209-2900 to speak to someone who can get you started on financing your new place to live