Minnesota Housing Assistance

Minnesota has taken on the ambitious goal of preventing and ending homelessness in the state. Thanks to $2 million being allocated toward rental assistance for homeless and “highly mobile” families, there’s hope for some, if not all, people looking for MN housing to find a place to live and not have to live on the streets or in their vehicles.

The goals of the state program are to find MN housing for veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness by 2015, and to find MN housing for families with children and unaccompanied youth by 2020. A lofty goal—sure—but it can be done.

Did you know about a quarter million Minnesotans pay more than HALF their income for MN housing? It’s no wonder that on any given night, 10,000 Minnesotans are homeless. The government recognizes that people need decent places to live if they’re to do well in school, hold stable jobs in the workforce, and help build a stronger Minnesota. To that end, the powers-that-be are focused on giving all Minnesotans resources to have a place to live—to call home—that’s not a cardboard box on the sidewalks of Minneapolis or a park bench in Duluth.

Recently, the Minnesota Legislature approved funding of the Rental Assistance for Highly Mobile Students Initiative, providing MN housing assistance for up to two years to help families with school-aged kids who move often. The idea is to encourage the parents to stay put so their kids can attend the same school without interruption through the school year. Stability and staying in one place help ensure kids get a proper education, rather than missing days or weeks of classes and/or having to constantly re-adjust to new schools and social situations.

Compared to other states, Minnesota is more invested in seeing its citizens succeed in life. By offering MN housing assistance to those who are struggling, the government and various agencies are making a coordinated effort to see that all Minnesotans have appropriate housing.