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St. Paul First Time Home Buyer

St._Paul_first_time_home_buyerIf you’re a St. Paul first time home buyer, know that city living can be great for several reasons.

Why do people move to cities like St. Paul? Well, they want to be where the action is. A city is a dynamic place, and St. Paul is no exception. Cities are cultural centers, with things to see and do.

Did you know in 1886 a New York Reporter called St. Paul “another Siberia?” It wasn’t a compliment. It did, however, help get the Saint Paul Winter Carnival started, a tradition which continues today. Indeed, with ice sculpting, a treasure hunt, warm food, and an ice palace, St. Paul city residents enjoy a winter wonderland atmosphere, helping make winter more fun.

A St. Paul first time home buyer often wants to have a house near a nice park, where children can play on the playground, adults can walk, bike or exercise, and people in general can enjoy green space. St. Paul has several recreation locations including Indian Mounds Park, Battle Creek Regional Park, Harriet Island Regional Park, Highland Park, and Rice Park. The city is also associated with the Minnesota State Fair, held nearby in Falcon Heights.

Another benefit of being a St. Paul first time home buyer is that they don’t have to go far to get to the local convention center, performing arts center, or the “Artists’ Quarter,” an area known for great jazz music. From opera to Celtic music, with some pop-rock thrown in for good measure, St. Paul boasts many nice places to listen to live music. There are also a number of quality museums to visit, including the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Minnesota History Center, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Finally, city living in St. Paul makes sense because you’re near a major airport, a major interstate highway, hospitals, and jobs. A St. Paul first time home buyer would do well choosing a house in the city, close to so many amenities.